Vacant Home Staging

Pricing: Basic  monthly rental packages + staging fees

Basic Package
Living room
Dining room
Breakfast area
Master bath
Kitchen counters

Luxury packages Available for 3 months minimum

Small Package
Living Room
Dining Room
Master Bath
Kitchen Counters

Occupied Home Staging


– walk through of the property inside and outside

– assessment of what needs to be  removed and what can remain since clutter eats equity

-what needs to be fixed, replaced or painted.

Our goal is to depersonalize each room, create a nice flow , emphasize the best features of the room and make the house
Kitchen counters appeal to a broader audience.

After initial visit, we come back for the actual staging process which consist in placement of furniture, wall art, accessories and getting the house ready for pictures.

Interior Decorating

color consulting

3 steps to eliminate your fear of choosing colors

 People are so afraid to pick colors for their homes , they make themselves crazy when it comes to deciding on whether they should go bright or soft, safe or daring.

I get a lot of calls from panicking customers who are in desperate need of my expertise to advise them and most of the time to select the colors.

Trust me, colors are harmless, some will bring joy to your room and life, some will perk you up, excite you and inspire you, some will make that depressing room come alive and your furniture pop. Don’t go to the store and look at a color and go “Eureka! That’s the one!” …because it isn’t!

Step 1: Bring your swatches home and tape them to the wall, see… that grey is now blue, that cream is now yellow! The environment, the light, the furniture, the rug, all those elements will set the mood and decide what color will work.

Step 2: Tape 5 to 10 different shades of what would work in that room and everyday look at them.

Step 3: Each day eliminate what you don’t like, and then bingo! You’ll end up with the ONE!

Step 4 (if needed): And if you are still not sure, just call me, that’s my forte!

Here’s a few more tips on specific colors:

Grey is the color of sorrow, the symbol of security and maturity. It’s neutral. Use it with a bold color, like orange, green, white.
Purple, is the color of good judgment, very uplifting, and has a calming effect on your nerves. So eat your eggplant!
Orange conveys energy, enthusiasm and balance. Powerful color, my favorite!
Green (to grow) is the color of life, nature . It’s a safe color, use it.
Brown represents earthiness, simplicity, and health. It’s warm and rich, why not try it?
Blue is the color of sky and water, calming and inspiring. “Are you feeling blue?” When the old sailing ships were loosing their captain, they would fly blue flags when returning to home port, now you know!

Picking colors should be fun not fearful, so don’t be afraid… to call me, your personal home color consultant. 🙂