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 Vacant Home Staging 

Experience the difference  of Vacant Home Staging that goes beyond furniture placement. We bring spaces to life, telling a story that resonates with buyers and transforms empty house into desirable homes.

Homeowner Occupied

Our staging aims to optimize the layout and flow of each room, emphasizing space, functionality and highlighting architectural features to their fullest.

Interior Design

We seamlessly blend the opulence of European design elements with modern sensibilities, we create spaces that reflect the richness of cultural diversity.


Our designs prioritize the comfort and convenience of your guests, ensuring that every element contributes to a positive and memorable stay.

Home Staging for Builders

By choosing our Services you are investing in a strategic and visually compelling approach to showcase your properties, accelerating sales and optimizing returns on your investment.

Color Consulting

We conduct a through analysis of your space, considering the natural light, architectural features and overall mood you wish to achieve.



I offer my highest recommendation for Cathy's services. The only concern is that you might not want to sell your house after she's finished!

Alex Smith

Client Review

Cathy did a lovely job transforming our empty home into a welcoming place.  The furniture and art she selected was lovely and just right for our home.

Drew Carlyle

Client Review

Cathy made my somewhat stuck in the 80's house really look good. She worked with my budget and quick timeline and within 1 week, the house was staged and looking great

Charlie McMann

Client Review

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