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About me

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Belgian Elegance


Meet Cathy, a visionary in the world of home staging and interior design. She embarked on a life-changing journey over five decades ago, guided by a passion for design and entrepreneurial spirit. Settling in the dynamic cities of Atlanta and New York, she immersed herself in the world of fashion. 

After many successful years in the fashion business, she transitioned into real estate that  provided invaluable insights into the art of presenting homes to captivate potential buyers.  With a fusion of European elegance and American vibrancy, each project is a reflection of a life well-lived, a story told through meticulously chosen furnishings, harmonious color palettes. 


Influenced by her fashion background, she combines trends with timeless elegance. She is crafting environments that resonate with the soul of the homeowner.


Timeless aesthetic

Attention to details

Personalized styling.

Art reflects your taste and personality.

Contemporary flair.

Space optimizing

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